Friday, 24 January 2014

Comduino Terminal v 1.0

This Arduino test utility should have been called Leonardo Terminal v 2.0,  but I renamed it because it can  be used with all "flavours" of Arduino board, not specifically the Leonardo. The code is reasonably well documented so it shouldn't take much effort to change the relevant #defines and pin names to make it work with which ever version of Arduino board you are using.

These are the changes since Leonardo v1.0 (Read post of Tuesday18th June, 2013 first)

  • On the fly checking of connection/disconnection of USB cable. When a cable is connected, the new port is automatically added to the list of ports
  • A string of data can now be sent in single shot or repetitive mode
  • Added a facility for scanning all inputs and reporting their values/states. Each pin can be enabled/disabled and set as an analog or digital input. This can also be done globally for all pins by checking the boxes at the top of the table
  • Cleaned up the code for logging to an Excel file. All channels can now be logged

You can download the code here:

Comduino Terminal v1.0 for Windows 

It consists of 4 files. Just create a new project and save the 4 files in your project folder. Next add Form1.vb and the class module Pin.vb to your new project.

The accompanying Comduino sketch has support for extra Arduino language commands. See the start of the sketch for details. The 18 June 2013 post provides more info also about this project.

Comduino v1.0 can be downloaded here:

Comduino for Arduino 

Edit the sketch to suit your Arduino board:

I put together a quick YouTube video demo of  the application here (sorry no commentary yet)

Comduino video


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