Saturday, 29 November 2014

Comduino Terminal v 2.0

This application is a test utility for reading and displaying states of digital and analog inputs, and setting states of outputs. Read post of Tuesday18th June, 2013 for a full explanation. 

This is a ClickOnce distribution so there is no fancy installer. Eventually I may get around to using a proper installation utility which will result in a single .exe or .msi setup file. For the moment I have uploaded the installation files to Google Drive as a zip archive. Download the zip file to your desktop and unzip it. This creates a folder called ComduinoTerminal on your desktop  (or a sub folder in the folder where you extracted the zip file). Run setup.exe in this folder to install the application. There is probably a better way of doing this.... any suggestions would be welcome.
This new version has a panel on the form with a series of buttons, one for each output allowing the state of outputs to be set.

 Download here:  Comduino Terminal v2.0

This application is specifically for the Leonardo board. If you want to use it with other boards, you need to modify the code, which basically involves changing #defines for number of channels in the sketch and the equivalent in the VB code. I have used the aliases which refer to pins e.g. A0, A1 etc as described in ..Program Files\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\variants so these may need to be extended.

The accompanying sketch for a Leonardo board is here: Comduino1_0.ino 

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